June 16, 2024

Manuel Gamber leaves Canada: 'The end is in sight' - Alpine skiing

Manuel Gamber leaves Canada: ‘The end is in sight’ – Alpine skiing

Manuel Gamber has left the Canadian ski team.

After last year’s turmoil, it’s now fixed: Manuel Gamper is leaving Alpine Canada and will not continue as head coach for the women’s team. When asked by SportNews, he provided information about the past few weeks – while also looking to the future.

Manuel Gamper’s relationship with the Canadian Skating Association has been subjected to some tough tests over the past nine months (read the full back story here). The culmination of it all was certainly the sudden dismissal in June, which sports director Phil McNicol then had to withdraw at the insistence of the athletes.

After that, however, Gamper was no longer able to work in peace: “It was fairly obvious that there wouldn’t be the freedom I wanted and needed. Internally, it was more difficult than I expected.”

Lots of options for next season

The ultimate balance isn’t entirely satisfactory, says Jumper: “I’ve always envisioned an Olympic medal and that was possible. It bothers me that so much was dictated over the top last winter.” For a ski coach, he’s not just looking back, but also into the future. Gamber has quite a few options, and the decision will be made within the next 10 days. “I am sorting myself out, there are many options. But I am also a father and I want to find a good balance. It is clear, however, that in the end you have to step on the gas if you want to achieve something. I must like the new mission,” says Gamber. It should be fun.”


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