February 24, 2024

YouTubers test how much horsepower a horse has

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The Internet is thriving with bizarre videos. So why not test how much horsepower your horse has. But how do you get the animal for testing?

There are many exotic car experiences on the Internet. YouTube user WhistleinDiesel drove a $400,000 Ferrari F40 through a cornfield and set the sports car on fire. Another YouTuber uses his Lamborghini Huracán Sterrato to pull off daring flying stunts. Things are more civilized at Donut Media. The question has been asked there whether one horsepower really corresponds to one horsepower.

Steam Engine vs. Horsepower: James Watt created the horsepower comparison

A question that many people have probably asked themselves at some point. The term goes back to inventor James Watt, who in the 17th century wanted to compare the performance of his steam engine to that of a draft horse that drove a brewery’s windmill.

His calculations at the time showed that one horse could lift a 250kg weight by 300mm in one second. But he did not clarify whether this actually corresponded to the horse’s performance. But YouTubers from Donut Media.

To measure horsepower: YouTubers associate horsepower with a Honda Civic

But since they couldn’t simply take the horse to the test stand, another solution had to be found. It came from an engineering company in Los Angeles. They have built a device that connects the animal to a Honda Civic. The cable was coiled into the engine compartment and connected to the gearbox. The horse pulled this cable and drove the wheels.

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Like Watt, American engineers had to rely on their arithmetic skills to calculate losses in the drive train. The result was actual horsepower performance: an impressive 5.7 horsepower. This equates to 5.77 hp or 4.25 kW. So to power a McLaren F1 – whose windshield is more expensive than a Volkswagen Golf – you’ll need 108.66bhp. The experiment video received 2.6 million views within five days.