December 1, 2023

Science and Technology: Phishing Emails Detected in Spotify Clients

Science and Technology: Phishing Emails Detected in Spotify Clients

A woman opens the Spotify app on her phone

Spotify customers should pay attention. Criminals are currently trying to hack accounts using phishing emails. Photo: Fabian Sommer/dpa/dpa-tmn

(Photo: dpa)

– Check email sender: sender Accordingly, Spotify users receive emails with the “Spotify invoice” sender, which shows payment problem. According to the portal, customers are required to click a button that leads to a fake login page on Spotify. Consumer advocates warn that anyone who enters their data there sends it directly to criminals. It is also possible to lose access to your Spotify account.

This is how you can identify fraudulent emails by wording

According to the portal’s information, the scam can be recognized quite easily with the same wording: “We can’t bill you. We hate spreading bad news, but there’s a problem with your preferred payment method. Follow these steps to help us fix it. Your bill.” The subject is the same: “Your bill 3947291442 requires payment”.

In order not to fall for such fake news, Austrian consumer advocates offer some tips for being able to react quickly. The obvious identifiers are:

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– Spelling, grammatical errors and incorrect capitalization: As can be seen from this example, there are errors in the subject. Real emails are always error free.

– Check the sender of the email: sender (in this case [email protected]) with the provider on the Internet or with old emails.

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– Check the reason for the letter: It is best to compare the information in the account to see if the claim is correct. Additionally, according to consumer advocates, Spotify does not require you to submit personal data via email.

Where does the link go? To do this, place your mouse pointer on the field and view the Internet address without clicking on it. If an unreasonable link appears, consumer advocates are advised not to click on it.

If you clicked on it despite all the caution, you should follow these steps: reset your password, connect to Spotify if you can no longer access the account and forward the email to Spotify. Then report it to the police.

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