Xbox Series X and S owners start testing Dolby Vision HDR games

Microsoft is doing what it promises Dolby Vision HDR games I am Xbox Xbox X. And the S-SiriIf it is for a few users. To love Forbes ReportsThe boys have it I have noticed that This is the latest Xbox Insider Alpha episode Publishing (2104) Dolby Vision supports X and S Series titles and is only available for certain games, including Borderlands 3And the Gears 5And the Halo: Master Chef Group And the debris. However, it looked effective – the testers said Dolby’s image quality was “more refined” compared to standard HDR10, likely due to dynamic data modifying HDR graphics frame by frame.

The company confirmed to Forbes I tested Dolby Vision and talked about general availability “soon,” but timing wasn’t restricted. It has so far committed to launching the feature sometime in 2021.

Dolby Vision support can give the latest Xbox consoles an edge over PlayStation 5Which is currently limited to HDR10. However, it might not be the system provider. You need a compatible TV (Sorry, Samsung fans) And game support to display enhanced graphics. Enhanced HDR may not become its own until there are enough TVs and games that you can assume to have a panoramic view.

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