June 24, 2024

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Nintendo Switch Pro: Wish List

Nintendo appears to be planning the new Switch devices for the upcoming fiscal year. He. She There are a lot of rumors So far, the situation is not entirely clear.

A new Nintendo Switch is available for Nintendo’s upcoming fiscal year (April 2021 to March 2022). We might even see two new consoles. Even now, however, the situation here remains somewhat ambiguous.


What we know: New hardware is planned for the end of 2021 and there will be a switch with a 7-inch OLED screen. Is this the “professional model”? Unclear, we could see something like a new Nintendo Switch and a better Nintendo Switch (Pro) will follow in 2022.

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Nintendo Switch Pro: What I Wish

Since the pandemic, I’ve been playing more again, especially since I keep communication to a minimum and my girlfriend is currently in the final stages of her studies and loves to study for a full weekend.

In the past few months, I’ve played a lot with the Sony PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X and watched the latest Switch games like Bowser’s Fury or Hyrule Warriors: Time of Devastation. I know hardware isn’t Nintendo’s priority, but you can find out Switch four years old.

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The Tegra X1 is no longer the best SoC with a 20nm process in 2017 and the updated Tegra X1 + converter is not necessarily what I would call updated in 2021. The current 5nm chip from TSMC doesn’t have to be like the one used by Apple, but more Energy would be great.

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Plus, more (and updated) RAM and a faster memory and you’ll definitely notice this on a large scale while gaming. It doesn’t have to be the standard PS5 or PS4 Pro, but the Switch is popular and getting it right now Known third-party gamesThat usually looks worse.

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I would also like a bigger, and above all, better show, however We can get that. Not all OLEDs are the same, not even panels from Samsung, but I still have hope that Nintendo won’t buy the worst board. I don’t care 720p.

Of course, 1080p would be great as well, but that also costs more battery and a good 720p OLED panel (without pentile, please) would be enough for me.

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I’ve heard and read a lot about Nvidia’s DLSS 4K Upgrade in the last few weeks and the upgrade technology seems to be looking very good especially since version 2.0. Actually, I’m not a fan of the upgrade, but if that’s compelling and you don’t see much difference with the native 4K resolution, you are most welcome.

It would be funny if Nvidia develops an ARM chip for the switch which, with 4K upscaling, will provide similar good picture and better performance than PS5 and Co. In any case, native 4K will not be possible with hardware.

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I’m satisfied with the battery life in mobile mode, and it can stay that way. Speakers are fine too, but my old wish remains: Please give us an option for regular Bluetooth headsets. I know this can hurt battery life as well, but I won’t care about that here.

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Nintendo Switch Pro: I’m ready

I honestly wouldn’t change the concept of the Nintendo Switch because I still love it to this day. A modern processor (and not too expensive anymore), a solid OLED screen (not too expensive anymore) with fewer bezels, and as far as I’m concerned a 4K upgrade would suffice for me.

Additionally, more internal memory can then be built in, since 32GB is so small. I can imagine the 64GB version for 349 € and the 128GB version for 399 €. You can also launch Joy Con 2 at the same time, which eliminates the drift issue.

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With a lineup consisting of the Nintendo Switch Lite as a handheld device, the current Switch as the base model for fans and a new Pro version, that would also be a very good Switch lineup for another 3-4 years in my opinion.

It fits in with Nintendo’s old DS strategy, as the new Nintendo Switch can also be called New Nintendo Switch or Nintendo Switch XL. At the moment, “Pro” is often used as an add-on to rumors because Nintendo introduced a lite version, but somehow it doesn’t suit Nintendo.

Anyway, I’ll be ready for the new Nintendo Switch with more power, 4K upgrade and new Zelda in winter you can enjoy a better OLED panel on the go. To be honest, this is nothing but a wish list, but in light of the rumors, these are not ridiculous.


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