April 23, 2024

Without a coach: Peloton brings a fitness bike video game

Photo: Peloton

For those who prefer to work out in a playful way rather than get motivated by a coach in a live training session or training video, Peloton will soon introduce a new video game to the Peloton app. In this, the user depresses the pedals to steer a single, rolling virtual bike through a track.

The game called Lanebreak is only available to Peloton Bike or Bike+ owners, which is designed with a 24-inch rotatable screen for additional fitness lessons apart from the fitness bike, with a subscription to the Peloton app. By adjusting the resistance and speed of rotation, the goals set in the game can be achieved and the rotating wheel can be controlled. In addition to setting the level of difficulty, users can also add music to the game, choose from different genres, and specify the duration of the exercise. It remains to be seen if there will be other routes with different level designs in the final game. The track shown is reminiscent of the rainbow road space course from the many Mario Kart games now, albeit a less delightful one.

Three types of challenges

The user can choose from three different challenges. In “pick up” operations, the user receives points as long as he or she is driving on the correct lane. With “Stream”, on the other hand, you always have to drive at the right pace in order to be rewarded not only physically but also virtually. On the other hand, in ‘breakers’, user performance is measured on the basis of rotation and resistance.

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Open beta is coming this year

Currently, the game isn’t available for free yet, but according to today’s announcement, Peloton wants to release a public beta to members later this year. How to sign up for this beta and whether it will also be offered outside the US, Peloton has not announced when Lanebreak will be announced.