May 24, 2024

WWE Speed ​​#3 results from April 17, 2024 in Detroit, Michigan, USA (including video of the full show)


World Wrestling Entertainment “Velocity” (Tapings: April 12, 2024)
Venue: Little Caesars Arena, Detroit, Michigan, USA
First broadcast: April 17, 2024 on
Audience: 13,297 (sold out)

“WWE Speed” is World Wrestling Entertainment's latest programming format, airing exclusively on X (formerly Twitter) starting the first week of April. As part of “WWE Speed”, matches will be held in a 3-minute time limit. During the first few shows, a tournament will be held where the winner will be crowned the first WWE Speed ​​Championship. Wrestlers from “RAW”, “Smackdown” and “NXT” will compete.

Full show

This week Corey Graves returns to the sole entertainment of commentary and welcomes us to this week's edition of “WWE Speed”. Johnny Gargano and Legado del Fantasma's Angel Garza meet today in the fourth and final first round match for the new WWE Speed ​​Championship, and we're right in the middle of the action…

1st Match
WWE Speed ​​Title Match – 1st Round – Singles Match
Johnny Gargano won after a pinfall victory over Angel Garza.
Match Time: 02:08

Johnny Gargano was the fourth and final wrestler to reach the semifinals of the tournament for the new WWE Speed ​​Championship. He will face Bronson Reid in the tournament's semifinals, but that won't happen for another two weeks. The first semi-final is next week when Ricochet and Judgment Day's JD McDonagh meet.

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