May 21, 2024

The group descends immediately on long-haul routes

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Due to smoke in the cabin, a Lufthansa flight had to land in Frankfurt instead of its original destination of Montreal. (code image) © IMAGO / Manfred Segerer, IMAGO / Pond5 Images

An unexpected incident occurred on a Lufthansa flight from Munich to America: the crew had to disembark immediately before reaching the Atlantic Ocean.

MUNICH AIRPORT – Lufthansa flight LH-474 shocks passengers. The A350-900 should have actually departed Munich's Franz Josef Strauss Airport for Montreal, Canada at around 5pm on April 19. The crew did just that, but an incident occurred shortly after takeoff that forced the crew to make an immediate descent and unplanned landing — less than an hour after takeoff at Munich Airport.

Lufthansa flight from Munich to Canada: Crew forced to make sudden landing from cruising altitude

Like a career portal avherald The Airbus was reportedly northwest of Frankfurt minutes after takeoff when the crew noticed smoke in the rear galley of the A-350. For safety reasons, a rapid loss of cruising altitude was immediately initiated to guarantee a safe landing, resulting in a “TCAS” due to heavy air traffic over Frankfurt.

What is “TCAS”?

The Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance System (TCAS) is an implementation of a collision warning system Air Collision Avoidance System (ACAS) in a plane. The function of ACAS is defined by ICAO. It is used to avoid collision of aircraft in mid-air. (Source: Wikipedia)

Shock on Lufthansa flight: Crew reported problem shortly after takeoff – TCAS triggered

The plane then landed safely at Germany's largest airport, Frankfurt, about 25 minutes after takeoff.

In the title: A virtual tower system is meant to show what a digital solution can do for a center like Munich. It remains to be seen whether this will actually be a replacement in the next few years.

The plane stopped on the runway for about four minutes so that it could carry out an emergency check. The flight was later canceled and the flight remained in Frankfurt for about two and a half hours so that inspections could be carried out in Munich. The flight returned to service about 16 hours after the incident.

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