December 4, 2023

With this simple trick you can eat snow peas properly

Sugar snap peas are a great side dish with meat, French fries or steak. But how do you eat snow peas?

What are refined dishes with sugar snap peas?

Sugar snap peas have a typical pea taste, but have a sweet flavour. They are full of vitamins and minerals, so you can eat them even during pregnancy. We have already answered whether you can eat raw sugar snap peas in another article. The demand for micro green vegetables has been increasing recently and you are using them a lot As a side dish. But what can sugar snap peas do? Because of their sweetness, snow peas work best with hearty dishes. Therefore, it tastes very good with fish and meat. as Add to soup or stew Sugar peas are in good condition. Green pods with rice and carrots fried in butter make a complete recipe. They’re a great source of flavor as pea noodles, in Asian dishes or in sweet and sour stews. Sugar snap peas also look good in salads and are a welcome change to a healthy dish. You can also adapt the vegetarian curry, which we previously recommended with pumpkin, with sugar snap peas.

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How do you eat snow peas?

Unlike regular peas, you eat snow peas with their pods on. If you will fully ready, So that the little green seed balls no longer need to be separated from the capsule. This circumstance saves time and work. In order for you to fully enjoy snow peas, they are harvested very early. This prevents a bitter layer from forming in the capsule. But how do you eat snow peas? To eat sugar snap peas, you must wash them well before eating them. This is how you get rid of germs and bacteria. Then remove the fibers that have grown on the side seams of the sleeve. They reduce the enjoyment of sugar snap peas because they are difficult to chew. after that It bleaches green pods And then toss them in the butter. This is the best way to develop their scent.

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You can eat sugar snap peas by washing them well and then boiling them. Toss them with butter and add them to your favorite dish. It is suitable as a side dish for meat and fish, as well as as an addition to soups or as a snack in between. Also find out if you can eat peas while breastfeeding and if you can eat beans raw.

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