May 23, 2024

With cantons and communes: a letter to Bohm Schneider – Senior Vice President wants a round table on the asylum system

with cantons and communes

Letter to Baum Schneider Senior Vice President Wants a Roundtable on the Asylum System

The situation in the asylum system worries Swiss politicians. The Senior Vice President’s leadership is now writing a letter to Federal Chancellor Elisabeth Böhm-Schneider (SP) and proposing a round table with all concerned.


SVP chief Marco Chiesa and his comrades-in-arms wrote an open letter to Federal Chancellor Elisabeth Boehm-Schneider.

20 min / Stefan Lanz

  • In an open letter to the Federal Council, the Senior Vice-President proposes a joint discussion on the topic of asylum.

  • The party is concerned and is pressing Social Affairs Minister Elisabeth Bohm Schneider.

  • In addition to the Federal Council and the parties, the cantons and municipalities must sit at the “round table”.

the accommodation of asylum seekers and refugees from Ukraine who have been employed by the federal government, cantons and municipalities for weeks. Cantonan has already sounded the alarm, the emotional alarm Discussion in Windisch making waves.

The Senior Vice President is at the forefront of this debate. For them, the issue of asylum is one The main issues of the campaign Only at last spring’s session did the party present the measures to be taken and criticize the policy of the Socialist Federal Chancellor, Elisabeth Bohm-Schneider.

The SVP triggers the next level of escalation

Now the right-wing party is allowing the situation to escalate further. President Marco Chiesa, parliamentary group leader Thomas Asche, and national advisors Gregor Rütz and Andreas Glarner, who are in charge of the dossier, have sent a letter to the Minister of Social Affairs.

The message is available in 20 minutes. In it, the party repeats well-known demands such as those for asylum procedures abroad and the appointment of a special representative for repatriation. The asylum system has failed, so Bohm-Schneider’s Justice and Police Department must act.

At the same time, Chiesa and Co. Hold a round table. Solutions must be worked out with municipalities, cantons and political parties. The focus should be on accommodation for asylum seekers.

Greater success than in the Electricity Roundtable?

Because it is clear to the leadership of the Senior Vice President: “Because of the infrastructure being overloaded with asylum migrants, we will soon not be able to help those who really need our support.”

It remains to be seen whether the round table idea will gain traction. One thing is certain: SVP launched a similar idea a year ago – at that time for Power Supply. The proposal sparked hateful discussions and sparked a public debate. However, the officials never really reached the negotiating table.

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