May 23, 2024

Diplomacy: Felix Baumann becomes the new Swiss ambassador to Ukraine


Felix Baumann becomes Switzerland’s new ambassador to Ukraine

Diplomat Felix Baumann will represent Switzerland in Ukraine. Replaces Claude Wilde. Personnel is the result of periodic transfers within the DFFA.


Felix Baumann becomes Switzerland’s new ambassador to Ukraine.

FDFA/Alain Grocloud

As announced by the Federal Foreign Ministry on Friday, a new embassy for Ukraine has been appointed: Felix Baumann, Deputy Head of the Permanent Mission of Switzerland to the United Nations and Special Envoy for Switzerland to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, will replace the previous embassy. in Kyiv Ambassador Claude Wilde who was evacuated from the Ukrainian capital for a period in February 2022. He will also represent the interests of Switzerland in the Republic of Moldova from his office in Kiev.

The change has no special background and is being made “as part of the periodic transfers of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Finance and due to the appointments made by the Federal Council at its meeting on March 17, 2023,” according to the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs.