June 23, 2024

With “Bubblegum,” Gunther Werks introduces a pink 911 Restomod

American Porsche tuning company Gunther Werks has a reputation for building high-performance cars that not only stand out because of their special looks, but also because of their performance values. The latest custom one-off is called Bubblegum and it’s going to a collector in the UK. The name refers to the pink color, which consists of a special three-tone pink pearl shade with an ultra-bright metallic sheen.

Pink miracle

The customer may have been inspired by Porsche’s motorsport history and the “pink flower”, which is more subtle in color. A strip of carbon fiber runs down the middle of the car, in contrast to the glossy paint. The Americans installed a powerful spoiler with integrated air intakes on the trunk lid, which allowed the engine to cool.

“gum-gum cars” with a six-speed manual gearbox

“Bubblegum” is Gunther Werks’ first model to be released outside the United States. The company now also wants to sell converted Porsche 911s in Europe. As a reminder of the name of this powerful color, this is also included in the door sill plate as hermitage. This sports car is also Gunther Werks’ first right-hand drive.

The manufacturer does not provide any information about the engine, but it is likely that this one has a 4.0-liter boxer engine with turbo boost in the rear. If so, up to 700 horsepower is available to the driver in track mode.

The gear lever can be seen in the interior photos. This is likely the shift knob for the six-speed gearbox that Gunther Werks also installed on previous models. Power is transmitted to the rear wheels, which are fitted with extra-wide tyres.

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Carbon fiber and Alcantara dominate the interior

Inside, Gunther Werks dispenses with color experimentation and only uses a few pink details. Pink stitching adorns the seats, shift boot, handbrake lever and steering wheel. The metal shift knob appears to be made from one piece. The extremely sporty seats are partly made of carbon fibre – as are the door panels with weight-optimizing rings in place of the classic door handles and the three-spoke Alcantara-covered steering wheel.

Gunther Werks also installs classic analog instruments in this Porsche Restomod. In the center is a tachometer with a white dial. All other scales are black with white lettering.

With “Bubblegum”, Gunther Werks sells a restaurant in Europe for the first time. In addition to the colorful paint finish, the Porsche 911 convertible of the 993 generation offers a cabin optimized for weight and a powerful spoiler on the boot lid. It remains for the time being with a one-off right-hand drive for the British collector.