July 13, 2024

Thunder Days – Plex and Screen Newspaper

Thunder Days – Plex and Screen Newspaper

ohlendorf – From Friday, July 14th to Sunday, July 16th, 2023, visitors to Junkers Days in and around Junkers Hall can once again immerse themselves in the American auto scene. Those who have been there know what’s behind it: pure V8 feeling. As every year, in addition to vehicles from Germany, vehicles from our neighboring countries are also expected. Whether it’s classic cars, minivans or new models, the main feature is “Made in the USA”.

As always, admission is free, and so is camping – if shower facilities are available – too. American cocktails and donuts are available on the Junkers Moby Dick party bus. Entertainment is also provided throughout the festival weekend. From the Junkers Hall photo booth with the former Ravensburg barbershop design to the silver and stainless steel jewelry stands to the children’s rocking castle, face painting and children’s crafts for “little guests” – there is something included for all ages and interests. The meeting begins on Friday at 4 p.m. with visitors arriving in their cars. In the evening, “Pig-Ass & the Hoodlums” took the stage. The joy of playing and the love of rock and roll music is noticeable in the three men in every second of their show that captivates every music lover.


There are dozens of jewelry pieces from the United States for you to enjoy.

There is also something for the eye tonight. A burlesque show curated by Andreas Hangarter that takes place during breaks and provides an insight into American American entertainment theater in the 1920s, a performance of a very special kind. It continues at 12 noon on Saturday. Daniel “Earl” Unger, who has been composing music since he was young and loves and lives the music he plays, will be playing from around 3 p.m. At 4 p.m., all engines are traditionally started and hundreds of powerful vehicles sound across the field in accordance with the motto “Days of Thunder – Days of the Yankers”. In the evening the stage is dedicated to “Four Beats Faster”. Five musicians – one passion! Classic rock of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s – from ACDC to ZZ-Top, lively and authentic. Sunday morning shopping begins at 11 am with “Earl”, which continues until the individual departure of visitors. A highlight this year is the newly designed exhibition area, which appeals to all senses. Many types of American motorsports can be experienced here up close.


Atmosphere is guaranteed at Junkers Hall.

The range spans from NASCAR and drag racing to tractor drag. Like last year, the Pulling-Team Allgäu will be there with their “Money-Pit I” and “Money-Pit II” competition tractors. As an analogue, the guys from Head Gear Oil will be showing off a Massey Ferguson V8 tractor and they certainly don’t miss the opportunity to take it for a few laps around the site. The MW-Racing team gets closer to the magic of drag racing from the visitors. Drag racing pilot Michael Winter has his newly built ProMod 3000 HP compressor methanol drag rig. In addition, Junkers’ former racing cars and their V8 engine are on display. There is also a high-speed race car from the USA, a NASCAR original from German Rednecks. At the night show, which takes place on Saturday evenings, these acts will raise goosebumps as the engines of the “horsepower monsters” get started.

Author: Franz Thomas

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