June 20, 2024

What (would) American license plates look like in Switzerland?

Here are our suggestions:

GrisonsThe greatest snow on earth. Tourism Canton would likely claim this as well as Utah.

TicinoSunshine State. Like Florida. Undisputed.

St. Gallencotton state. Because of the tradition of weaving compared to the country of cotton
Alabama is nearby.

Appenzell Enruden / AusserhodenCitizen of Switzerland. For better or worse, the Appenzells have to share Oklahoma’s Native America.

Thurgau – TOh Apple State. Similar to the US state of Georgia, which describes itself as the “Peach State”.

ZurichBanker’s paradise. Zurich as a banking center must live up to this motto.

Schaffhauslast holdouts. As a border canton, Alaska’s motto also fits with the Swiss border canton.

GlarusRock State. Glarnerland Tourismus advertises itself in a campaign titled “Felsenland”.

ShweezScenic paradise. A landscape paradise, at least that’s what the people of Schwyz say in our editorial team.

UriThe first state. Since Rütli is located on the land of the Urner, the “first country” is of course a good choice. However, Urey has to argue with the other native cantons over the Delaware motto.

NidwaldenWild, wonderful. What is true of West Virginia is also true of Nidwalden.

ObwaldenSwitzerland Centre. With Älggialp as the center of Switzerland, Obwalden can certainly call itself that.

LucernePork state. 428,132 pigs live in the canton of Lucerne, which is more than humans. You don’t need more explanation.

trainThe company’s capital. Like Delaware, the capital of the company is also Zug.

argaoisland nation. It aligns with Argaw like the “Potato State” with Maine.

SolothurnWatchState. The canton of Solothurn has a tradition of watchmaking. There’s a new logo for that.

Bernestate bears. With the Bears, the comparison to Arkansas is obvious here.

FoodThe best wine. A logo we made. But it can also fit California.

Geneva Peace Garden State. The United Nations City of Geneva registration plates would likely read “Peace Garden State” as in North Dakota.

Valais13 Star State. Building on the state of Texas with the “Lone Star State” motto

LawLive free or die. New Hampshire and Jura can go together.

NeuchâtelGreat Lakes State. The largest Swiss lake is Lake Neuchâtel, as Michigan’s motto indicates.

Basel countryHero home. There is nothing similar in the United States. However, as the home of Roger Federer, the Basel region can certainly embellish itself with it.

Basel citychemical capital. Delaware says this of itself, and it certainly applies to Basel as well.

FribourgSwitzerland crossroads. It goes just as well with Canton Fribourg as “Crossroads of America” ​​goes with Indiana.

Would you also like to have a license plate number that better displays your canton? Write us your suggestions in the comments.

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