June 16, 2024

‘Impossible Kitchen’: Tim Malzer spoils a barbecue in the US | entertainment

Barbecue earthquake in the United States for “ Impossible Kitchen(VOX)!

On Sunday evening, TV chef Tim Malzer, 52, and competitor Eddie Frauider, 45, traveled across the United States to compete in a culinary duel.

BBQ, chicken wings, macaroni and cheese – in Kansas, malts were allowed to serve typical American dishes. Not much of a challenge for a TV chef. However, Mälzer soon reached the limits of his barbecue art.

It’s not easy: Mälzer has reached his limits

Photo: RTL/Endemol Shine/Florian Schuchmann

Even the meat marinade posed a real challenge for the hamburger. Malzer: “I can’t taste anything I can say, that’s it.”

Guess the delightful smoky flavor – malts flying blind in the direction of the grill.

In fact, the grill fan showed great taste. Original Chef Philip Thompson impressed when he arrived at the Q39 grill. Chef: “I would say he brings in 90 to 95 percent of the ingredients we use in our dressings and sauces. I was really impressed.”

Chef Philip Thompson

Chef Philip Thompson (right) was initially impressed with Barley’s palate

Photo: RTL/Endemol Shine/Florian Schuchmann

But Thompson knows the pitfalls of traditional meat preparation: “I think Tim’s biggest challenge is getting the brisket nice, tender and flavourful.”

He must be right. Because for a good taste, the meat is rubbed Tim Malzer Put the beef in a dry marinade the evening before it’s ready – too early! Marinade pulls moisture out of the meat. Thompson sprays his meat with the marinade just before smoking.

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When he pulled the grilled food out of the oven to serve, Malzer was shocked to discover: “The pieces I tried were dry and tough like leather.”

Leather Fiasco in Kansas – Maltsters had no choice but to slice the meat very thinly so it wouldn’t be too hard to chew. The TV chef was very dissatisfied, but trick 17 seemed to work. Because the diners loved Mälzer’s tough beef. One guest even hailed it as better than the original.

Football star Mitchell Schwartz (left) has found great success creating Molzer

Football star Mitchell Schwartz (left) has found great success creating Molzer

Photo: RTL/Endemol Shine/Florian Schuchmann

HIGHLIGHT: Former Kansas Chiefs star Mitchell Schwartz (33) was among those given the tryout. The 2019 Super Bowl winner was also impressed with the Mälzers BBQ range.

However, that was not enough for a decisive landing! At the end of the trip to the United States, Malzer had to admit defeat with a score of 13.7 to 13.8 points.