April 13, 2024

Weekend celebrations: Has Prince Harry arrived in England a long time ago?

Prince Harry (left) and King Charles III. At the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II. Photo: Imago/USA Today Network

King Charles III welcomed the King's fans who arrived on the Mall Street before his big day. Meanwhile, his son Harry is reportedly already in London.

This year's royal event is coming tomorrow, May 6. King Charles III (74) is crowned at Westminster Abbey in London. His youngest son, Prince Harry, 38, is also expected to attend the ceremony at his old home. Like the British media Including “Al-Shams” newspaper, A private plane reportedly landed at Farnborough Airport near London on Friday. It is assumed that Harry was on the plane.

a A correspondent from the newspaper “Bild”. At lunchtime I also saw a car heading to Buckingham Palace and Harry could be in it. According to a report by the daily newspaper, a police officer outside the palace confirmed that Charles' son was sitting in the car.

Pronunciation of kings before coronation?

Early arrival may allow Charles and Harry to have a discussion before the coronation. The King's relationship with his brother, Prince William (40 years old), and his father is considered tense. Since moving to the United States in 2020, Harry and his wife, Duchess Meghan, 41, have harshly criticized the royal family in several interviews, in a Netflix documentary and in the prince's autobiography “Reserve.”

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Meghan won't be there, regardless of whether Harry is already on British soil or has yet to land. After previous speculation, the palace confirmed that Charles' son will participate in the celebrations, but his wife and children, Prince Archie (3 years old) and Princess Lilibet (general), will remain in California. Little Archie celebrates his 4th birthday on May 6th.

Charles, William and Kate greet royal fans

Among other things It is currently being shown by the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC).And how Charles greeted onlookers on The Mall before his big day, including royal fans from Thailand and the USA. His eldest son, William, and his wife, Princess Kate, 41, were also in attendance for the arrivals.

On Saturday morning, the King and his wife Queen Camilla, 75, will be taken in procession along the Mall, through Trafalgar Square, and along Whitehall Street and Parliament Street to Westminster Abbey. Charles was crowned there. This is followed by another, more magnificent procession that takes the opposite route back to the palace. More than 6,000 women and men from the British Armed Forces will participate in the coronation celebrations. It is the largest ceremonial military operation in 70 years.