May 19, 2024

Did you miss Sunday's 'Darts Live – UK Open' on Sport1?: Repeat of the show on TV and online

'Semi-final and final, 2024, Butlin's Minehead Resort/ENG': When and where you can watch a replay of the 'Darts Live – UK Open' darts show from Sunday (3/3/2024), either on TV or digitally in the media library, You can find out here on


On Sunday (3/3/2024) there was 'Darts Live – UK Open' on TV at 8:00pm. Did you miss “Darts Live – UK Open” with “Semi-finals & Finals, 2024, Butlin's Minehead Resort/ENG” but still want to watch the show? The Sport1 media library may be useful here. This provides many online TV contributions as video on demand for live broadcast – especially after they have been broadcast on TV. As a rule, you can find the program online after it has been broadcast on TV. Unfortunately, this does not apply to all shipments. Unfortunately, there will be no repeat of Sport1 on classic TV in the near future.

'Darts Live – UK Open' on TV: This is what it's all about 'Semi-finals and final, 2024, Butlin's Minehead Resort/ENG'

Live stream of the UK Open Darts Championship, where both professionals and amateurs compete. That's why the tournament, which is held at Butlin's Minehead Resort, is also called the 'FA Cup of Darts' because it's always about poor wins. There is no ranking list, so candidates can meet each other ahead of time. The winner receives a check for £110,000. (Source: Sport1, transcribed by FUNKE Program Guides)

“Darts Live – UK Open” on TV: all the information at a glance

Trait: Semi-finals and final, 2024, Butlin Minehead Resort/England

in: Sports1

Year of production: 2024

Length: 240 minutes

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