Week 17 risk overview for travelers

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Seven continents, 195 countries, eight billion people: our world never stands still. Every day countless events affect the population in different parts of the planet – elections are held, protests are held and new hotbeds of unrest are opened.

Many events are often lost in the general flow of information in the digital age, and some are very far away. To keep track, crisis early warning expert A3M puts together a selection of the most important events for us each week.

Referendum on the constitution in Uzbekistan

In Uzbekistan, tomorrow, April 30, there will be a long-awaited constitutional referendum. Meanwhile, the people are voting on several major and minor constitutional amendments, the most important of which is probably extending the president’s term from five to seven years. In the period leading up to and after the official results are announced, the authorities anticipate the possibility of demonstrations and tighten security precautions accordingly.

Parliamentary elections in Bhutan

Parliamentary elections will also be held tomorrow in the Kingdom of Bhutan. The South Asian country relies strongly on the parliamentary model of the United Kingdom, so there is a bicameral system, with the National Assembly as the upper house and the National Assembly as the lower house. In the context of the elections and against the background of possible protests, the local authorities are on high alert. Local traffic restrictions, especially in cities, cannot be ruled out.

Presidential elections in Paraguay

Also in Paraguay, citizens are asked to vote tomorrow – a new president will be elected in the South American country. And for only the second time in 70 years, the opposition sees a real chance to defeat the Colorado Party, which has been dominant since the dictatorship. In light of the elections, security measures are being tightened across the country, and travelers are encouraged to avoid demonstrations and crowds.

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General elections in French Polynesia

Last but not least, a new parliament will also be elected tomorrow in French Polynesia. The population of the archipelago of more than 280,000, located 16,000 km from France in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, defines the new members of the chamber of 57 officials. Due to possible protests, the authorities are tightening security measures.

The national general strike in Italy

According to the authorities, a nationwide general strike will be held in Italy on Monday, May 1 and Tuesday, May 2. If the industrial strike proceeds as planned and a high level of participation is expected, significant restrictions are expected in public life and especially in traffic. For organizational reasons, harassment before and after the official strike times is also to be expected.

Nationwide strikes and protests in Greece

The Panhellenic Seafarers’ Association of Greece also called for a nationwide strike on Monday. As a result, all ships across the country would remain at anchor and not sail that day. In addition, the bus service in the capital, Athens, must be on strike. Protests are also expected to mark the Labor Day holiday. (TI)

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