July 12, 2024

Dig into Ex Piqué and a fresh start in the USA

Dig into Ex Piqué and a fresh start in the USA

An emotional farewell to her old home Barcelona and another dig at ex Gerard Pique: this is how Shakira wants to start a new life.

Singer Shakira said goodbye to her hometown of Barcelona on her official Instagram account. With a photo of the Spanish city, she first explains why she moved there in the first place: “I settled in Barcelona to give my children stability,” the 46-year-old writes. She wants to offer her children the aforementioned stability “now in another corner of the world.”

Departure, the post goes on, is understood as “a new chapter in the search for happiness.” She couldn’t resist digging into ex-husband Gerard Pique, whom she didn’t mention by name. Because her thanks go to the city of Barcelona, ​​”where I learned that friendship undoubtedly lasts longer than love. Thanks to everyone there who encouraged me, dried my tears, inspired me and let me grow.”

Will Shakira go to the United States?

It is not known where Shakira and her two children, Milan, ten years old, and Sasha, two years his junior, are going. According to reports, it is conceivable that they will move to the United States together, more specifically to Miami in Florida. The singer’s family lives there.

Shakira also recently revealed that she is “emotionally dependent on men” and believes in “the fairy tale that women need men to be complete.” She continued, “Now I feel complete because I feel like I depend on myself and I also have two kids that depend on me so I have to be stronger than a lioness.”