Visitors are also now rioting in Swiss cinemas over Tiktok trends

Visitors throw popcorn around, smear ketchup on seats and stick chewing gum on the floor. The reason for this behavior is the trend of Tiktok. The more blatant destruction and riots, the more clicks the video generates.

This trend originated in Germany, but has already spread to Austria. How is it in Switzerland? visited the palace cinema in Wetzikon ZH, where such scenes occurred last Saturday. “There were a lot of people who didn’t do it right,” says Managing Director, Severin Brenner. People “shouted and vaped in the hall and filmed with their mobile phones during the performance.”

After the screening, the cinema looked even worse than before. I’ve noticed that people intentionally want to leave a mess. “They pushed nacho sauce onto the seats and stomped and spread gum on the floor.”

In order not to repeat such scenes, measures are currently being considered. “We definitely don’t want to take it that way,” Brenner says. However, he couldn’t say more about it at this time.

But: “The logical conclusion is that we have to make personal tickets.” At the end of the day, you know who was in what situation. This will allow visitors to be held accountable if necessary. But cinema really wants to do without that.

In spite of everything, “Creed 3” will continue to be shown at the Palace Wetzikon cinema, the general director assures.

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