July 15, 2024

Trend: Chinese tourists in Thai school uniforms

Trend: Chinese tourists in Thai school uniforms


Chinese women dress as Thai schoolgirls — and Thailand is now warning them

Chinese tourists love to be photographed in Thai school uniforms. However, if you are not careful, you risk getting into trouble with the law.


Thai school uniform is the new fashion trend among young Chinese women.


  • Tourists from China like to pose in Thai school uniforms for their vacation photos.

  • However, if you wear a uniform with the inscription of an existing school, then you need to be careful.

  • There is a risk of a fine because, according to the law, the wearer is seen as a fraud.

that it new trend Among the Chinese tourists visiting Thailand to go on vacation: Thai school uniform. The trend was sparked by photos on Instagram of Chinese pop star Gu Jingyi, according to a business owner who sells uniforms.

The pop star has revived the trend

“Even before the pandemic, Thai school uniforms were very popular in China, but they lost their appeal during the lockdown,” said Yenjit Atsawaprichawong, owner of a school uniform shop in Banglamphu district of Bangkok, Thailand. One reason for this popularity is that uniforms in Thailand are much cheaper than in China, Newsdirectory3 writes.

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However, care must be taken when posting images of uniforms, because once the current school’s initials are embroidered onto the garments, users can be prosecuted for their content, Bangkok Post reports.

Unified antichrist

Most tourists – and probably most Thais – probably don’t know the Thai military dress code. Anyone who breaks it can be fined. Anyone who misrepresents himself in a uniform with real initials can be legally prosecuted by the school in question.

Lawyer Ratchapul Sirisakorn explains on his Facebook page that non-students who wear uniforms with the school’s initials are considered frauds and are in violation of the student dress code. There is a risk of a fine of up to 1000 baht (about 27 francs).

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