September 30, 2023

Storms in five states - more than 50 dead after suspected tornadoes in the United States - News

Storms in five states – more than 50 dead after suspected tornadoes in the United States – News

  • News agencies reported that dozens of people appeared to have been killed and many more injured in a series of tornadoes in several states in the United States.
  • Hurricanes in the southeast and central United States also caused extensive property damage in the evening and night.
  • Kentucky has been particularly hard hit. There the governor spoke of at least 50 dead, and possibly 70 to 100 casualties.
  • Several victims were also reported from Tennessee and Arkansas.

Several tornadoes broke out in several US states on Friday evening (local time). In an interview with local CNN WLKY, Governor Andy Beshear said that in western Kentucky alone there could have been “at least 50 deaths.”

Mayfield was particularly affected in the state. Bashir said the roof of a candle factory had collapsed there and there could be many casualties. “At the time of the hurricane there were about 110 people in the building,” Governor Bashir said. We think we will lose dozens of these people. It’s really hard, really tough, and we’re praying for every one of these families.”

According to CNN, at least 24 tornadoes broke out in five US states on Saturday night. In addition to Kentucky, Arkansas, and Illinois, Tennessee and Missouri were also affected. The same storm front is moving eastward early Saturday and may cause more tornadoes in the region from northern Louisiana to southern Ohio, CNN wrote, citing the US weather agency NOAA.

Warehouse roof collapsed

In Erlington, Kentucky, a train derailed and crashed into several homes. Hopkins County Sheriff Matt Sanderson said experts have checked the materials he carried and the number of people infected in the area, according to local broadcaster KYWX media. So far, only minor injuries have been reported.

In Edwardsville, in southern Illinois, a tornado partially collapsed the roof of the Amazon distribution center. At least 100 rescue vehicles are in use. In the warehouse, a wall the length of a football field and the roof over it appears to have collapsed.

Having an accurate overview of the damage and potential casualties in the affected US states is currently very difficult, and the information is constantly changing.

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