March 2, 2024

A plane caught fire while landing at Tokyo airport

The plane is said to have collided with another plane at Haneda Airport. Their inmates die.

A Japan Airlines A350 caught fire at Haneda Airport.

Issa Kato/Reuters

(dpa) A passenger plane collided with another plane on the ground while landing at Tokyo's Haneda Airport and caught fire. On Tuesday evening (local time), live images from Japanese television station TBS showed passengers leaving the plane via the emergency chute as the fire was extinguished. During the landing approach, the JAL plane collided with a Japanese Coast Guard plane, TBS reported.

Five people on board the Coast Guard plane died. Japanese media reported that the pilot of the Coast Guard Bombardier plane was seriously injured. About 400 people on board the Japan Airlines (JAL) plane were able to leave the passenger plane that caught fire.

A huge fireball could be seen when the plane carrying Flight 516 coming from Hokkaido in northern Japan landed on the runway. They said there was an explosion. The plane sustained severe damage and continued to emit flames and clouds of smoke.

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As TBS television reported, the Coast Guard plane wanted to transport materials to the earthquake zone on the country's west coast. At least 48 people have been killed in a series of earthquakes there since New Year's Day.