May 18, 2024

It will be windy today, then there will be another batch of snow

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Danger Level 3 – Federal government warns of heavy snowfall

The coming days will again be windy and often wet, and spring will only show itself briefly on Monday. But then temperatures are likely to drop again.


Valid until Saturday 12:00 PM: Hazard level 3 due to heavy snowfall in the mountains.

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  • The weather is changeable: cold and warm weather will alternate in the coming days.

  • Winter is making its comeback again, but it only brings real snow at higher altitudes.

  • On Monday the temperature should reach 21°C before it gets colder again.

the Friday It was still very wet – and windy: according to Weather News There must have been some heavy rain, the snow line dropped from 1,500 to 1,000 meters in the evening. This development was accompanied by wind.

Even at night Saturday It stays wet and the snow line continues to drop to 500 metres. The federal government even issued a warning about heavy snowfall. The risk level is 3 out of 5 in the Bernese and Valais Alps.

the Sunday It brings more rain, but by the evening the sun should be shining more and more. However, significant amounts of rain can accumulate into the evening: 50 to 80 mm of precipitation is expected in the Valais and along the central Alps, and up to 75 cm of fresh snow is expected above 1,500 metres.

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Up to 21 degrees is possible in Basel

to Monday A better testimonial is issued: thanks to the sunshine and the southwest or south wind in the alpine valleys, it can be 17 to 20 degrees locally, if you ask Google, you will discover that even 21 degrees are possible in Basel.

But then it gets wet again, and the cold front from Norway brings cooler temperatures and more rain again. also Tuesday And Wednesday It will be variable and somewhat cold with an expectation of seven to eleven degrees before it sets in Thursday And Friday It will probably be friendlier.

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