June 14, 2024

Virtual Developer Seats: Microsoft Dev Box Launches Public Beta

Virtual Developer Seats: Microsoft Dev Box Launches Public Beta

Microsoft Developer Conference Construction This year called a virtual service dedicated to developers Introduced Microsoft Dev Box. service piling AzureVirtual Desktop is designed to offer developers new possibilities for their projects.

Now the Dev Box begins the public testing phase. Since Build 2022, Microsoft has already granted access to first interested parties via an invite system, but this limitation is no longer in effect.

The main advantage of Dev Box is that developers can use preconfigured environments to write code without having to worry about the infrastructure.

Microsoft provides virtual developer workstations with Dev Box

Workstation in the cloud

The idea behind Dev Box is to provide cloud-hosted, development-ready workstations that are agile and easily accessible from anywhere. Workstations can also be deployed in Azure deployment environments, in tune and endpoint manager, so developers can quickly start using existing project templates. Dev Box can be accessed via Azure Active Directory (AAD). Different virtual machines can be set up for different use cases. These start with 4 vCPUs and 16 GB of RAM and go up to 32 vCPUs and 128 GB of RAM. The choice will likely be significant later in the accounts, but little has been revealed so far. Dev Box is currently in beta for the first 15 hours to try it free, but Azure subscription is required. Microsoft has more information about the show at A special page to advertise Dev Box.

With Dev Box, Microsoft is expanding its offering to developers via its Azure Virtual Desktop service. A launch date for this service has not been announced finally.

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