May 27, 2024

Thunderbird roadmap for version 114

Thunderbird roadmap for version 114

Wednesday, August 17, 2022, Ralph Hersl

The Thunderbird team has published its development plans for version 114, which is expected to be released next year. This includes the implementation of the sync functionality, a general toolbar, an expanded application menu, revised tabs, and much more. This roadmap applies to the desktop version of the email application; However, there is one road map For the planned Android version of Thunderbird.

The synchronization Between installations of Thunderbird and the Android app, it should enable seamless transfer of tags, filters, email accounts, and related settings.

The unified toolbar It is intended to be a single, reusable, comprehensive toolbar located throughout the application and a simple interaction point for searching, interacting with the application menu and managing tabs.

the new Application List It will replace your existing hamburger menu but will also be able to manage accounts and sync.

with the Post office update It aims to improve the user interface and experience. There will also be multi-line message lists and “chat” threads. It will also be possible to reply to messages in the conversation area.

Thunderbird users should now be able to save all messages in a thread as conversation to see. Every message in that topic should be collapsible and expandable, showing all messages in that topic no matter what folder you’re in.

“In order for conversations to run properly, we need to be able to keep track of the message folders in a thread so that we can view them in a conversation. This means we need a database in which the locations of all emails are recorded,” the team writes.

We want to make preview links more visually appealing and useful:

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When setting up an email account, automatic discovery of calendars and address books has been working fine so far. But managing and preparing accounts after the first time is suboptimal. That’s why there should be a central place in version 114 for creating accounts.

Although the above plans refer to the desktop version of Thunderbird, many of them can also be found in road map for Android version again.