December 8, 2023

View Amazon Map: A digital map of the home for smart home control

With Map View, Amazon has introduced functionality for the Alexa app that allows you to create a digital map of your home, where all your smart home devices can then be placed so they can then be more easily controlled.

The card can then be used to retrieve the status of any stored smart home device and operate it. As a user, you no longer need to scroll through lists and names to find the right device and you no longer need to know exactly which device is connected to be able to control it, as each device is placed right there on the digital map. It’s in the real apartment.

View a map of Amazon

The user decides himself which rooms he wants to add to Map View in the application. It is not necessary to add every room and every device to the digital map. It is possible to make modifications to or delete the entire map at any time.

If you are using an iPhone from iPhone 12 Pro onwards, you can also scan your home by walking through your four walls with the camera activated and thus creating a digital map.

The map view will initially only be available in the US later this year. It is still unclear when the function, which was considered a secret favorite of new launches at the Amazon Devices & Services 2023 event, will also come to Germany.

View a map of Amazon

At the beginning of next year, the Map View feature will also be available on the new Echo Hub and will display the digital map of the smart home on the control screen.

Other announcements from Amazon at the 2023 Appliances and Services event:

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