December 4, 2023

Free, no copy protection and a variety of settings

from Oliver Jaeger
A new mod has been released for Starfield that once again brings DLSS 3 support to the game. “Streamline Native,” as the mod is called, is available for free and lists a number of settings in the in-game Starfield menu that can be changed without the need for external configuration files.

Starfield fans and players are currently waiting for an update that will finally offer native DLSS support. Until that happens, you will have to resort to mods that implement DLSS temporarily. A few days ago, Nukem modder released the DLSS 3 mod “Streamline Native”, which, according to the description, provides the integration of Nvidia DLSS, Frame Generation and Reflex into the Starfield engine code.

Starfield with DLSS 3: The new mod makes it possible

DLSS 3 mods for Starfield are not new, but some of the already released mods have various flaws that are not present in Nukem’s Streamline Native. For example, Modder PureDark charges money for its DLSS 3 mod with frame generation and has built in some sort of copy protection. Other modifications only allow graphics settings to be changed via external configuration files. This means that players cannot make any changes within the game, which is tedious.

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Nukem provides screenshots of Starfield’s graphics settings that demonstrate the changes that can be made to the game using its mod. In addition to Nvidia Reflex settings and frame generation, players can also make changes to upscaling mip bias, DLSS quality, model presets, and sharpening method.

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Source: Nochem/NexusMods

Graphics settings with Streamline Native.  (2)

Source: Nochem/NexusMods

However, Nukem warns of two graphical errors in its mod that occur when frame creation is activated. On the one hand, Starfield can crash during loading screens or in areas with a large flow of assets, and on the other hand, there is said to be flashing geometry.

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Ultimately, the developer hopes that official DLSS support will be available as soon as possible so that modders don’t have to worry about it themselves, especially since the original DLSS still achieves better effects. Streamline Native from creator Nukem, which provides DLSS 3 for Starfield, can be downloaded via Nexusmods. There you will find more information about the modification, including installation.

source: Nexus modification