USA: A worker fixes the nozzle of the Spirit machine with duct tape

United States of America

The airport worker fixes the nozzle with tape – the passenger threatens to boycott

A video of the repair has many users on social media worried. Is flight safety really at risk?


A maintenance worker tapes a plane and then threatens a passenger to stop flying with Spirit Airlines.


  • A panicked airline passenger films a duct-tape repair on a Spirit machine.

  • The video, which was taken at Nashville International Airport, has been put up on Tiktok.

  • I got a lot of attention there – but is this fix really that dangerous?

one on Nashville International Airport A video shot by a passenger has gone viral on Tiktok. More than 1.7 million people watched an airport worker apply tape to a nozzle. The passenger indignantly comments on the repairs and threatens the airline to boycott: “The reason I don’t fly with Spirit. I don’t care if it’s fly tape or something.”

The tape clearly upsets her. After a while, you’ll need a new roll of tape, and your tapes will lose stickiness. You fly all over the world and you have duct tape that holds it all together. Don’t worry, I won’t be with you [Spirit] book.”

Some share their horror. “Why are you still on board!!!!” one user wrote. Another commented: “Honey, I would have run off the plane! I would have asked for my money back.”

Every airline uses tape on planes.

But there are also reassuring signs. This is how an aircraft mechanic reports:
“Every airline uses tape on planes. (…) Southwest does exactly the same thing, United and America do.”

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In the Social media Videos of sticky tapes on passenger planes have been circulating for years. The Washington Post reassured that it was not an ordinary adhesive tape.

It quoted pilot and safety advisor John Nance as saying, “A regular piece of duct tape would not be used on an aircraft.” It’s the speed bar. This is very stable and can withstand wind speeds of up to 965 km/h.

The speed bar is very stable

According to 3M Their speed ribbons can withstand temperatures from -54 to minus 149 degrees Celsius, and they also withstand moisture, flames, UV rays, and chemicals.

According to Nance, duct tape is mainly used when part of the aircraft is exposed to airflow due to weather. The plane is safe to fly, but the airline wants to prevent further weathering so they can repair the part.

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