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The Italian government is putting clear right-wing accents with its holiday reforms of the workers’ movement.

The Italian government made important decisions on labor and social policy on May Day. For example, the right-wing government of Giorgia Meloni is abolishing the so-called Reddito di cittadinanza – citizen’s income.

The government wants to return the money saved in this way to the population through lower taxes and reduced fees. While Meloni’s government talks about a major reform of Italy, the opposition fears more social injustice.

The social safety net is becoming more and more hackable

The previous government, dominated by the Five Stars, chose big names for its reforms: the Dignity Decree or the Citizen Income Decree. Meloni’s government is now severely easing or partially reversing these reforms in the Cinque Stelle.

Much fewer Italians should receive Reddito di cittadinanza. Anyone who is able to work but is still unemployed should be entitled to this support only for a very short time and under strict conditions. The name also disappears.

Rome assumes cases of fraud

In the future, it will be the long-term unemployed in particular who will fall into the social safety net, as will people who are single or childless. But that’s not all: Giorgia Meloni also wants to expand the scope of temporary work again, that is, those without a permanent contract and without social security.

Cinque Stelle attempted to put an end to this precariat with Decreto premità, ordinance of dignity. Now Meloni’s government justifies its actions by the fact that very often people’s incomes are deceived: recipients will receive subsidies, although they can actually work or even actually work, that is, illegally.

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On May 1, Prime Minister Meloni spoke on Twitter about improving working conditions.


By working without a permanent contract, Meloni accommodates employers who complain that workers who have permanent contracts and are entitled to all social benefits are too expensive for them. With these reforms, Meloni’s government is putting clear right-wing accents into the holiday of the labor movement.

The left-wing opposition and some unions are protesting, fearing that the spread of precarious work will have negative repercussions. They fear that because of the unstable employment contracts, fewer people will be able to provide for their families.

Italian families are not immune to demographic change either

The Bambini count is at an all-time low. Italy is getting old fast. But Meloni says more flexible employment contracts will create new jobs.

Thanks to the savings made in the citizen’s income, she wants to reduce social security contributions by up to 100 euros per month. This will support the boys in creating a family.

Who is actually doing the math is currently not entirely clear. You will only know in a few years.

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