May 18, 2024

Highest profit climber Christophe in court

Last summer, famous mountaineer and mountain guide Christophe Profet removed the metal struts that were used to secure Mont Blanc’s heavily iterated Goûter route. Now he has been accused of theft. He faces a fine of 4,000 euros.

Mont Blanc attracts thousands of mountain climbers every year. Most of them climb the highest mountain in the Alps via the normal route and the Aiguille du Goûter. The town of Saint-Gervais installed iron rails around the fault at a point where it became difficult to cross the glacier. French alpine climber Christophe Provet removed at least two of them last summer. He is now accused of theft.

Avoid unnecessary risks

The mountaineer and mountain guide justified his actions to the French media with the safety of less experienced mountaineers. He wanted to prevent inexperienced amateur mountaineers from taking unnecessary risks if an alternative route was possible, according to Profit.

controversial area. Other alpine climbers believe that this type of permanently attached material increases security on the mountain most commonly used.

The court wants to decide who is right by the beginning of June. If Christophe Profet is found guilty, he will have to pay a €4,000 fine

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Solo by Dru West Face

The 62-year-old alpine climber and mountain guide made a name for himself as a mountaineer all over the world, for example with his solo ascent of the 900-meter Dru West Face in 1982 or with his solo ascents of the three classic north faces (Eiger and Matterhorn and Grandes Jorasses) – in summer and winter.

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Credits: cover photo Mark Karl | unsplash