December 7, 2023

"Unexpected behavior" - Biden does not want to hand over any intelligence information to Trump

“Unexpected behavior” – Biden does not want to hand over any intelligence information to Trump

In the view of his successor, Joe Biden, former US President Donald Trump should not have access to secret briefings from the secret services.

He should not receive more classified information from the secret services: Former US President Donald Trump.

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New US President Joe Biden does not want to grant his predecessor, Donald Trump, access to classified service information as usual. Biden said in an interview published Friday night with CBS television that Trump had shown “unexpected behavior” and could divulge classified information. Biden said he did not want to speculate on what might happen, but that Trump simply didn’t need the information anymore.

The president confirmed that his assessment was independent of Trump’s role in the storming of the Capitol by his supporters in early January. Biden asked, “What is intelligence bringing him, and what is his impact, in addition to the fact that he might make a mistake and say something?” His interview with CBS will be broadcast before the Super Bowl game on Sunday, which is arguably the most important game of the year in American football.

Former US presidents often continue to receive covert briefings from the secret services. Before Trump can get this, Biden must agree. Trump’s critics have accused him of divulging classified information several times as president. Additionally, according to consistent US media reports, he is said to have shown little interest in the secret services’ briefs brimming with information. Briefings are only rarely referenced in his public calendar, with Biden being there nearly every day.

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SDA / Agence France-Presse