June 21, 2024

The Federal Council closes the airspace of Russian planes?

The Federal Council closes the airspace of Russian planes?

The Swiss government can now support EU sanctions against Russia. The Federal Council meets on Monday to discuss the conflict in Ukraine.

The basics in brief

  • The Federal Council wants to discuss more sanctions against Russia at today’s meeting.
  • The big question: Should Switzerland adopt EU sanctions?
  • Apparently, the majority in the state government can speak in favor of such a move.

The Federal Council will hold a new crisis session on the Ukraine conflict on Monday from 11:30 am. It should be the extra way Sanctions against Russia. It is almost certain, for example, that the state government will agree to freeze Russian assets deposited in Swiss banks. According to the Federal Chancellery, information should be submitted in the afternoon.

However, some members of the Federal Council want to move forward and European UnionAlways support sanctions – both those already established and those in the future. At best, exceptions should be made if there are reasons for this. according to the “tamediaNewspapers,” a majority in favor of this path emerged in the Ukraine conflict on Sunday.

Should the Federal Council tighten sanctions on Russia?

He said it was “very likely” that the Federal Council would go in this direction Ignacio Cassis Sunday evening also on French-speaking Swiss TV. Also the possibility of Russian to punish President Vladimir Putin, He said the Federal President should be on the table.

“We will go in the same direction tomorrow,” he said. The final decision will certainly take Swiss neutrality into account.

Ukraine dispute: Is Switzerland closing airspace?

according to the “tamedia– Newspapers »will be SPMembers of the Federal Council Simonetta Sommaruga And the Alain Berset to take over European UnionPay the penalties. FDPFederation advisor Karen Keeler Sutter I also prefer this route, according to Tages-Anzeiger. If Central Federal Chancellor Viola Amherd follows through on her party’s calls, supporters will be the majority.

The European UnionThe sanctions include measures against Putin and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov. In addition, Russia as a result of the Ukraine conflict from Swiftsystem to be left out.

The European Union It also closed the airspace for flights to and from Russia on Sunday. The Federal Council will also have to deal with the matter on Monday. The move was prepared by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation.

Cassis assured RTS on Sunday evening that the final decision would certainly take Swiss neutrality into account.

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