June 21, 2024

Donald Trump wows his supporters at the Conservative Conference

Donald Trump wows his supporters at the Conservative Conference

Former US President Donald Trump remains the Republican strongman: He stirred up enthusiasm at a conference in Florida.

The basics in brief

  • Former President Trump has proven once again that he is the darling of American conservatives.
  • At a conference in Florida, he was greeted with thunderous applause.
  • He criticized NATO and again praised Russian President Vladimir Putin.

The Former President of the United States With his appearance at the CPAC American Conservative Conference, Donald Trump showed there was still no way around him on the right of the country’s political center.

His 86-minute speech at the event in Orlando, Florida, on Saturday (local time) was met with standing ovations. A frequent listener’s trader: “Trump 2024” on the prospect of the 75-year-old’s re-election in the upcoming presidential election.

Trump directed his famous rhetoric against the “radical left” and “abolition culture” and his allegedly stolen re-election. He was particularly excited about how “stupid” Democrats would call themselves the Democracy Party. Also the story that Facebook-Founder Mark Zuckerberg “I walked into the White House and kissed my ass,” I loved.

Donald Trump praises Putin again and criticizes NATO

Above all, Donald Trump has shown contempt for the United States’ Western partners, while praising Russian President Vladimir Putin’s thinking: NATO The Ukraine crisis acted “anything but intelligence.” On the other hand, Putin is “smart”.

“The real problem is that our leaders are very stupid.” The Russian invasion of Ukraine is attributed to his successor Joe Biden To respond to his “weakness”.

“As everyone understands, this terrible catastrophe would never have happened. “If only our election had not been rigged,” the former president said. Only to return to allegations of voter fraud, for which no evidence has been provided so far.

His followers thanked him with chants of “Four more years.” If it’s up to them, Trump should spend it again in the White House after 2024.

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