March 1, 2024

Joe Demio: The New York Clinic implants a man's face and hands

Joe Demio: The New York Clinic implants a man’s face and hands

A medical team in New York said they had successfully implanted the face and hands of 22-year-old Joe Demo. The Langone Health Clinic called this “the world’s first successful combination of such transplantation”.

In 2009, the same operation was performed on a patient in France – but the man died two months later.

The transplant took place in New York last August and took 23 hours, according to the hospital. A team of 140 medical personnel led by specialist Eduardo Rodriguez was ready for this.

A New Jersey patient had a major car accident in 2018 that burned 80 percent of his skin. Despite about 20 surgeries, he had severe facial deformities before the transplant, neither eyebrows nor lips, deep scars and finger amputations. (sda / dpa)

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