UK Elections: A Fateful Day for Scotland? Elections in most parts of the UK

This Thursday is Election Day in most parts of the UK. In Scotland and Wales, people vote for the new regional parliaments. New mayors and county councils are elected in London and many other cities and counties in England.

Elections in Scotland in particular can have far-reaching consequences. The Scottish National Party (SNP) Prime Minister Nicolas Sturgeon is hoping for an absolute majority. The party, which currently rules by the tolerance of the Scottish Green Party, is calling for a second referendum for independence for the British part of the country – but this would require London’s approval. Prime Minister Boris Johnson has so far vehemently rejected this.

The majority of Scots voted against independence

With an absolute majority, it is hoped that the SNP will have a clear mandate for the referendum and could put more pressure on London. In the first referendum in 2014, a majority of 55 percent of Scots spoke against seceding from the union with England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The final result of the election in Scotland is not expected until Saturday.

In the London mayoral election, incumbent Sadiq Khan was recently ahead of his conservative rival Sean Bailey in the polls. Vote counting may continue until Sunday.

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