June 24, 2024

That's why ships are now floating in the air in Cornwall

Mirages make ships fly in the air in Cornwall

Mirage alarm at sea

A rare phenomenon in the UK. Residents of Cornwall, Devon and Aberdeenshire were amazed when suddenly they saw ships floating over the sea. The reason for this is layers of cold and warm air that lead to mirage. Capture people from viewing areas in great pictures.

The Daily Mail reported that in the past few days, more and more pictures of floating ships have appeared. After the effect initially caused confusion, researchers quickly came up with a solution: It’s a mirage. It creates a mirage when the sun warms the atmosphere over land or sea. As a result, the temperature rises and creates an image that does not correspond to reality, as shown in our diagram.

The experts explain the stunning images

Regarding the recent vision in Cornwall, a spokesperson for the National Weather Service of Great Britain said: “This phenomenon occurs on a water surface and consists of the superposition of several layers of air with different refractions.” Fata Morganas are not uncommon in the Arctic, but are rare in Great Britain.

BBC meteorologist David Breen also commented on the stunning images. “Because cold air is denser than warm air, it directs light into the eyes of people standing on the ground or on the coast, and changes the appearance of a distant object,” he said.

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