December 11, 2023

The Brexit Challenge: A Checklist for Shipping to and from the UK

What should be considered when shipping to the UK after Brexit? This checklist aims to support companies with this.

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Cross-border trade has become more complicated as a result of Brexit. Goods sent from the European Union to Great Britain or vice versa must pass through customs from the start of the year and meet the new official procedures. This presents German companies with additional difficulties at first I recently found a studyThat even every sixth German company wants to completely stop trading with Great Britain.

“Brexit poses major challenges for European logistics,” confirms Joachim Shakman, Supervisor of Network Sales and Operations. Mailboxes in bei etc (MBE). For this reason, the company has now put in place a checklist for international shipping, which should help in dealing with new requirements regarding customs procedures and the like.

EORI number, declaration of preference, and value of goods

With this, companies can find out what exactly is now necessary for post-Brexit shipping, what changed regarding the GDPR when the UK left the EU and how shipments are guaranteed to arrive at the recipient without having problems with customs.

All information and Download checklist Available on the MBE website.

Publication date: 05 May 2021

/ written by Corina Fleming

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