Instead of Winterthur, Canada, Finland and the USA wait: HC Thurgau Soracreppa defender halfway to the World Cup.

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Instead of Winterthur, Canada, Finland and the USA wait: HC Thurgau Soracreppa defender halfway to the World Cup.

Will HC Thurgau soon have a World Cup participant in his ranks? This is entirely possible, because defender Sebastiano Surakriba is in the Italian national team, which is currently preparing for the World Cup in Riga (21 May – 6 June).

Sebastiano Surakriba has been called up for the Italian national team.

Mario Gaccioli

Swiss fans almost saw Thurgo defender Sebastiano Surakriba in the Italian jersey on Tuesday. But the test match between Switzerland and Italy, which was to be broadcast live by SRF from the Biel Tissot Arena, has been canceled due to two coronavirus cases in the Italian team. On Tuesday, the 21-year-old Surakriba and the other healthy team members returned by car to Bolzano. There are two test matches against Austria on Saturday and Sunday. In the Austria team, forward Patrick Spanring is also a pro from HC Thurgau. However, the Austrians were not represented in the A-WM this year.

He actually survived the first-team cut

For Soracreppa, they are the first squad for the senior national team after two FIFA U-20 World Cups with Italy. “It’s a great thing and a nice surprise for me,” says South Tyrol. As in this season with Thurgau he is also doing well internationally. Surakriba actually survived the first cut in the squad for the tournament in Latvia. Another cut is expected next week. Then Italy coach Greg Ireland (formerly Lugano) wants his team to pull the World Cup together. “I am already aware of the chances of participating in the World Cup,” says Surakriba. “But I’m lightweight. At the international level, fitness is more important than league. “

In the two preparatory matches against France (1: 0, 1: 4), he tested that the match was different from what it was in the Swiss League. “Not necessarily when it comes to speed, but how physical processes are.” Even if the World Cup in Riga does not succeed in the end, Surakriba says, “It’s a very good experience for me.”

As a foreign professional, automatically on the radar

It wouldn’t be reasonable in Switzerland that a 21-year-old player from the Swiss League qualify for the World Cup. However, in Italy, the standard is not set equally high. “Once you play abroad, you are on the national coach’s radar,” says Surakriba. “There aren’t many ice hockey professionals in Italy.” On the other hand, South Tyrolean sees this opportunity as a reward for his successful debut season in HC Thurgau.

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