February 29, 2024

Trump's statements on NATO spark outrage – DW – February 12, 2024

Given A statement issued by former US President Donald Trump If re-elected, the EU foreign policy chief will not need to defend NATO allies. Joseph Borrell He warned that the alliance would weaken. NATO “cannot be an alliance that operates at the whim of the US president,” Borrell said in Brussels.

The EU foreign policy chief said Trump's statements were “scary and dangerous”. He added: “NATO cannot be an a la carte military alliance.” The NATO countries “Yes today and no tomorrow” cannot be said when defending alliances. “It's either there or it's not,” Borrell clarified.

Steinmeier called Trump's words “irresponsible.”

Federal President Frank Walter Steinmeier He also slammed the former US president's statements on NATO. “These statements are irresponsible and even play into Russia's hands,” he said during a visit to the Cypriot capital Nicosia on Monday. And no one in our alliance could be interested in that.

Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier during his visit to Cyprus on February 12, 2024 herePhoto: Petros Karadjias/AP Photo/Image Alliance

The statements did not contribute to the strength NATO needed. In current President Joe Biden, on the other hand, Europe has a true friend and supporter of transatlantic ties, the federal president praised.

Invitation to Russia

Trump, the most likely candidate for the Republican presidential nomination, has repeatedly insisted in the past that it would be unfair for the US to stand up for the defense of the other 30 member states. Above all, he criticized the fact that the Europeans did not spend enough money on weapons.

In Conway, South Carolina, Trump made a deal against NATOImage: Vin McNamee/Getty Images

At a rally in the US state of South Carolina, he sharpened his tone considerably. If a NATO government doesn't pay, it won't defend the country. Trump said he would encourage Russia to “do whatever they want”.

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Nikki Haley is clearly distancing herself

whose Republican challenger Nikki Haley, strongly criticized the reports. “You don't side with a criminal who kills his political enemies,” the former South Carolina governor told US broadcaster CBS. “You don't side with someone who invades a country.” Half a million people died or were injured by Vladimir Putin. “The last thing we want is to side with Russia,” the Republican said.

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