To create: a smart window that displays images from live webcams

Did you miss traveling because of the pandemic? The Alex Shakespeare smart window provides a new view of your home.


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The London developer built a “window to the world” from an existing TV and window frame. The images from the live webcam are displayed on the TV. The perspective of the image is adjusted using a temperature-sensitive sensor, which is mounted above the window and records the position of the viewer.

With the help of a small plane that can be placed on a world map in up to five locations, Alex travels around the world — at least his smart window makes that little impression and offers new horizons.

Alex Shakespeare in front of a world map: (virtual) small plane travel destinations.

The window does not exist as a finished product; It’s for inventors Alex’s blog But all the necessary information including the necessary programming code.

Don’t like to do crafts? Then we recommend to take a look at the digital photo frame Meural II . cloth to throw. This frame isn’t a window, but at least it offers versatility to your four walls with digital art or your own photos.

Video: Alex Smart Window Shakespeare


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