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Thunderbird is a powerful mail client with many setup options. However, creating a signature with an image, such as your logo or QR code, is a bit tricky. Works with these tips.

The QR code is just an image. But how do you put it in Thunderbird’s mail signature?


Many users appreciate it when their mail program automatically places company address data or social media channels in the newly configured mail footer. This is a common practice in corporate emails.

Usually, this mail signature design is done with simple means in pure text format. In most cases this is quite sufficient. If you’re still using an HTML signature – perhaps even with an image – then please be aware of one problem: the signature will no longer look great…

  • If you send an email in Plain Text format
  • If the recipient’s mail server converts them to plain text format
  • If the recipient has set their mail program to convert all mail to plain text format

The HTML signature with the image no longer looks so beautiful in plain text. This could be a good reason to do without the HTML signature (and the image) altogether


We mention this just for the sake of completeness so that you are aware of the fact that a plain text signature might be.

However, we use Mozilla Thunderbird as an example to show that more is possible. Read here how to create a text or HTML signature without an image. And in the following pages we will show you how to create an HTML signature with an image in Mozilla Thunderbird.

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