June 21, 2024

The mod unleashes a frame rate on PC that exceeds 60 frames per second

The mod unleashes a frame rate on PC that exceeds 60 frames per second

From Benjamin Grundkin
Elden Ring came out recently and as expected, the PC version also has a 60fps limit. For those who like to experiment, there is already a mod ready to unleash the frame rate. Game files will not be overwritten, but user notes are still missing for obvious reasons.

With Elden Ring, From Software and Bandai Namco Entertainment released an open world role-playing game that knows how to persuade in terms of content. Just technically not everything works smoothly. There is still a lot of catching up to do in terms of the job pool. Ray tracing has been announced, but not yet implemented – and of course it annoys some PC players on advertiser Indeed, the 60fps limit is also present in the release version. However, this can be bypassed by modification.

Elden Ring No Frame Limits: Mod must not handle game files

This comes as a surprise, given that Elden’s ring didn’t appear until midnight. Against this background, the broker also emphasizes that this is an empirical approach. Its unofficial extension has not been extensively tested. However, according to its developer, the mod does not change any game files either, it is a pure RAM patch. A custom resolution function and FOV changer are already in the works.

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According to the description, the required graphics settings need to be done only once. However, its software corrects the memory on the fly, so you have to turn it on every time you want to take advantage of its features. It works with both AMD and Nvidia graphics cards, but the procedure is different in both cases. Find details about it See description on github.

Recently, we reported a fairly moderate approval from Elden Ring on Steam. In terms of content, there’s probably a little more to complain about, too. Apparently, the role-playing game devaluation is used specifically to draw attention to the 60fps limit, lack of widescreen support and technical issues like frame drops. Read more to you in a separate letter.

source: github