Three bigger features have been added

Facebook and Whats App have announced that there will be three major innovations in Whats App. On the one hand, there is multi-device support, and on the other hand, you will be able to send photos and videos like Snapchat in such a way that they are deleted after viewing them once. In the future, chat messages can also be deleted globally after a certain period of time.

WhatsApp with new features

With WhatsApp it will be in the near future There are innovations of a larger nature, as Giga also mentioned. There are a total of three features or feature improvements that will be implemented over the next two months and should be tried first by beta testers. For some people, support for multiple devices shouldn’t be unimportant. So far it has been the case that you are automatically logged out of a device that you are logged into when logging in on another device. This is to prevent multiple people from using WhatsApp at the same time under the same account. According to Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, and Will Cathkar, President of WhatsApp, one of the problems with the secure implementation of this feature was ensuring secure encryption for all conceivable cases.

The second innovation is the self-deleting photos and videos like Snapchat. With WhatsApp, photos and videos sent in this way only have to be viewed once. The third innovation takes a similar line. In fact, the functionality needs to be upgraded, with which you can specify that messages should be deleted from the chat after a certain time. Among other things, you will be able to activate deletion of messages after a specified period of time for all chats globally. The changes as well as the early and bold announcement of innovations to the terms of Facebook or WhatsApp can be attributed to the fact that many WhatsApp users have turned their backs on WhatsApp due to the new terms of use or are considering it. In this regard, it has already been announced that users who do not agree to the terms do not need to fear any immediate consequences.

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