September 30, 2023

Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern and switch to FC Barcelona.

This is what goes on in Lewandowski’s head – Bayern, Barcelona, ​​Benzema

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to: Manuel Punk

Sports psychologist Robert Lewandowski remotely diagnoses tz. It seems that the attacker is only his own interests.

MUNICH – FC Bayern Munich and FC Barcelona appear to be slowly closing in on Robert Lewandowski (33) in the transfer poker game and the ‘Basta’ announcement by CEO Oliver Kahn (52) is falling apart – at least if you look at the reports from a Spanish newspaper Sports Believe.

Accordingly, a meeting with those responsible for the German record champions (collecting titles) is scheduled this week in order to move forward with the change. Although the Catalans have already sent many offers to Lewandowski to Munich, they have been consistently ignored thus far. According to reports, Bayern Munich is demanding a fee of 60 million euros, Barcelona should be ready to pay close to 50 million euros.

Bayern Munich: Lewandowski’s advisor sees Benzema as a reason to move to Barcelona

Former Lewandowski advisor Cesare Kucharski at Cadena SER recently pointed out an interesting aspect about why the exceptional Polish striker would want to take his next career move in Spain: “He wants to prove that he is better than Karim Benzema, and that is another reason to go to Barcelona.”

Kucharski assumes his former client will sign at Barcelona before Bayern Munich coach Julian Nagelsmann (34) asks him to start training on July 12. Kucharski said Lewandowski should put pressure on Munich to release him from his contract. “Bayern’s managers know he wants to go to Spain. His plan was Germany, then Spain, and to finish his career, the United States.”

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Robert Lewandowski wants to leave Bayern and switch to FC Barcelona. © Mateusz Ludarczyk / Imago

Bayern Munich: A sports psychologist looks into Lewandowski’s head

Sports psychologist Matthias Herzog has a far-reaching diagnosis of what’s going on in a footballer’s twice mind tz done. For him there is no doubt that only his interests are of interest to Lewandowski. World class strikers are usually selfish. They also need that to score a lot of goals,” Herzog explains, adding: “It’s more than understandable that Lowe wants to take a step forward and change. His personality type wants to continue to grow and evolve. He does not see these opportunities in Bayern Munich. Standing still means turning back.

What the sports psychologist says: Lewandowski not only won the Champions League with Bayern Munich, but also broke the historic record of Bayern legend Gerd Muller. “The only thing he still lacks is his absolute goal record in the Bundesliga. And that doesn’t seem to appeal to him,” Herzog believes. Muller still holds the record with 365 hits, while Lewandowski is currently at 312.

FC Bayern: Felix Neureuther upset by Lewandowski Poker

And what about Benzema, who has a good chance this year of winning the only title that Lewandowski has eluded so far – the Golden Ball? Herzog: Everyone is talking about Benzema being the best striker in the world. This excited Lewis and he wants to prove in a head-to-head striker duel in the same league that he is the absolute number one. Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi are left to report. Lewandowski’s current enemies are Karim Benzema and Kylian Mbappe! ”

Bayern fans are now disturbed by Lewandowski’s selfish behavior – including the most prominent. Like former German alpine skier Felix Neuwerther (38). The rating of a football player today is measured by salary. In fact, it’s more about the sport, not whether I earn 24 million a year or 26 million,” old friend of Bayern legend Bastian Schweinsteiger (37) complained on the show. Sports and speech of Hangar-7 at ServusTV and asked, “Where did we come from?” A question other Lewandowski players also asked themselves… Manuel Bunke