October 3, 2023

Thomas Müller (eingeklinkt) drückt der Frauen-Nationalmannschaft für die Europameisterschaft die Daumen.

‘Women in the United States are the strongest horse’: Thomas Müller sees Germany’s equal pay problems

Muller said, “When it comes to money, it’s all about how much revenue the product brings in. So, the money flow goes into the product. It’s not so much about performance. We footballers make more money than basketball and handball players.” But not because we play football better than basketball and handball, but fortunately most people in the world love football.”

The development of women’s football in Germany is unexpected. “Of course, sports politics can support it, but in the end it is the customer who decides where to go and not there,” Muller said, “We have teams with Wolfsburg or Bayern Munich, who are always a good character in the Champions League, that’s great. But I don’t I know why women’s football is less popular in stadiums than men’s.”


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