June 14, 2024

This is how journalists found Teixeira in front of the US authorities

Reporters at The New York Times seem to work faster than federal agents at the FBI. In the case of the Pentagon Leaks, the journalists demonstrated their investigative talent: they were able to work out the whereabouts of the 21-year-old using photos that the alleged perpetrator had posted online.

Jack Teixeira posted images of printed documents on Discord. The documents were top secret military briefings – the data leak made international headlines like the Pentagon leaks.

The kitchen of his parents’ house can be seen in the background of the photos. Journalists of the American newspaper compared these published photos of family members of the 21-year-old. This is how the trail led to Jacques Teixeira.

Before the IT specialist was arrested by the FBI, reporters had already been in contact with Jacques Teixeira’s stepfather. He stood across from them when they asked if the “pilot” was present.

“He needs a lawyer if things go the way they are at the moment. I’m sure the federal police will be here soon,” he replied, according to the New York Times.

The young man is being charged under the Espionage Act in federal court in Boston. The attorney general said the government would seek a 10-year prison term for each of the allegations. So far, Teixeira hasn’t had to comment on the allegations, which it will soon.