April 23, 2024

Ukraine bar. Putin: Easter inspires “good deeds” +++ Selinsky promises a “victory of truth”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky encouraged his citizens to celebrate Orthodox Easter. The video was released on Sunday. Today we celebrate the resurrection of Christ. The main symbol is victory: the victory of good, the victory of truth, the victory of life. We celebrate Easter with the firm belief in the irreversibility of these victories.

Only a year ago, shortly after the start of the Russian invasion, Zelensky said, one had to pray that Ukraine would survive at all. Today we pray for the victory of Ukraine.

Once again, Selenskyj was confident of victory: “We have come a long way. Perhaps the most difficult peak is still ahead. We will conquer it. And together we will meet our dawn.

Referring to the regions occupied by Russia in his country, he said: «The sun will rise in the south, the sun will rise in the east, and the sun will rise in the Crimea. A glowing yellow sun in a calm blue sky – which is the light of justice.”

In his Easter message, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky was confident of victory.

YouTube screenshot

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