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These are the meeting participants

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The G7 summit will be held at Elmau Castle for the second time in 2022. But who are the participants in the meeting? Which politicians are coming? What countries are represented?

Elmau – Germany is chairing this year's G7 summit in Elmau, which is scheduled to take place in June 2022. The heads of government of the largest industrialized countries meet there to discuss issues related to the global economy. Until 2014, the informal union was called the G8 Summit. However, due to the annexation of Crimea in the same year, Russia was excluded from the summit.

he meets: G7 summit
date: From 26 to 28 June 2022
participant: Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, USA, England

G7 Summit 2022 in Elmau: Who are the participants? It included seven industrialized countries

The heads of government of the largest industrialized countries will gather at the G7 summit in Elmau Castle, as they did in 2015. © VISTAPRESS/Imago Images

Since then, other countries have been meeting for the G7 summit, for which security planning is already well underway. But who are the seven industrialized countries that report on global economic events in Elmau?

G7 Summit in Elmau 2022: Germany takes over the G7 presidency again

Olaf Schulz.
Chancellor Olaf Scholz invites you to attend the G7 Summit at Elmau Castle. © Imago/Christian Spieker

Germany It will host the G7 summit in 2022. Since January, it has assumed the presidency of the G7, which changes annually and is repeated every seven years. As Angela Merkel did in 2015, Chancellor Olaf Scholz also invited heads of state and government to the summit in June at Elmau Castle in Krone, Upper Bavaria. The five main goals through which the German federal government seeks to promote this summit are:

  • Strong alliances for a sustainable planet
  • Economic stability and transformation
  • Necessary precautions for a healthy life
  • Sustainable investments for a better future
  • Shared commitment to strong teamwork

G7 Summit 2022 in Elmau: France participating – first meeting was held in 1975 near Paris

1975 called France Germany launched the “World Economic Summit”. The first meeting was held near Paris. The G7 later left this global economic summit. The French President and country representative at the G7 summit is Emmanuel Macron.

Participants in the 2022 G7 Summit in Elmau: These countries are present

Italy He was also present at the first World Economic Summit in Paris. The Italian Prime Minister is Mario Draghi.

Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron.
Attending the G7 Summit: Joe Biden and Emmanuel Macron. © Imago/Benoît Daubany

And also Japan It has become one of the leading economic countries since 1975. The head of government is Fumio Kishida.

We've also been counting since 1975 United States of America Among the leading economic countries. The US president is Joe Biden.

G7 Summit in Elmau 2022: Boris Johnson represents Great Britain

also Great Britain It participated in the first World Economic Summit in 1975, which later evolved into the G7. The UK hosted the final Heads of Government Summit of 2021 at Carbis Bay in Cornwall. The current Prime Minister of the United Kingdom is Boris Johnson.

Canada It only later joined the group of leading economic countries. A year after the first meeting, in 1976, Canada was admitted to the summit in Puerto Rico. This led to the creation of the G7. Canadian Prime Minister is Justin Trudeau.

Boris Johnson.
Also attending the G7 summit: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. © Imago/Doi Anurajaningrum

G7 Summit 2022 in Elmau: list of all participants

  • Germany – Olaf Schulz
  • France – Emmanuel Macron
  • Italy – Mario Draghi
  • Japan – Fumio Kishida
  • United Kingdom – Boris Johnson
  • USA – Joe Biden
  • Canada – Justin Trudeau
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G7 Summit 2022 in Elmau: These are the participants – including the EU

The European Union, as a supranational organization, is also represented in the G7 meetings. It has been a member since 1981 and participates in the summit as an observer on behalf of the rest of the European Union. The President of the European Commission is Ursula von der Leyen and the President of the European Council is Charles Michel. (hgr)

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