June 20, 2024

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Flemish companies doing business with the UK have already seen a 6% drop in sales on average since Brexit, according to a report by the Bilga News Agency. This is the figure provided by the Belgian business organization Voka, based on a survey of 150 Flemish companies doing business with the United Kingdom.

“The expected negative effects of Britain’s exit from the European Union can be clearly felt after 100 days, and this is just the beginning,” said Belga Hans Mertens, managing director of Voca. According to Fouca, customs procedures, additional regulatory obligations and import duties are the main reasons for the higher costs of Flemish companies. As a solution, Voca is calling for the creation of a British Flemish green lane. “This is a physical and digital settlement point where customs formalities can be completed,” says Mertens. This will make doing business with the UK easier. This is necessary, because the first phase of Brexit is already burdening our companies with additional costs and reduced sales. More than half of the companies surveyed support the introduction of Green Line.

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